Everything You Need to Know Before Moving to Costa Rica

Costa Rica Overview

Find Anything You’re Looking for in Costa Rica


With an estimated 100,000 American citizens residing in the country, Costa Rica is one of the most popular destinations for Americans retiring abroad or looking for a second home overseas. Besides offering flexible visa and residency options and strong home ownership protections, Costa Rica boasts solid quality of life at affordable prices, good healthcare, a friendly local culture, and incredible diversity of habitats.

Major Advantages of Costa Rica for Expats

  • Choose the type of life you want - Over a dozen climactic zones to choose from, from “eternal spring” to sunshine-filled beaches to jungle

  • One of the top healthcare systems in Latin America, with public access for all citizens and residents

  • Cost of living is 27% lower than the U.S. on average (InternationalCitizens)

  • Safe and stable - having abolished its military in 1948

  • #2 best place to retire in the world (InternationalLiving, 2022)

  • 15th happiest country in the world according to the Happiness Index 2021

  • Multiple visa options for different needs and price points

  • On CST/MDT, and a 2:45 minute flight to Miami