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Everything Americans & Canadians Need to Know Before Moving to Panama

Panama offers beautiful nature, affordable cost of living, excellent tax incentives, and a particularly attractive package for retirees. Given the historic U.S. influence in Panama, life in the country is often not so different for Americans. Approximately 25,000 Americans are living in Panama today.

Panama Overview


Best place in the world to retire

(International Living, 2022)


Lower cost of living than U.S. (Numbeo)

5 years

Time to citizenship

Major Advantages of Panama for Expats

  • Retiree benefits: Panama's pensionado visa offers tax exemptions and discounts on everything from airline tickets to medical bills

  • Affordable: 34% lower cost of living than the U.S. on average

  • No tax on income from other countries

  • Low crime: #56 safest country, compared to #121 USA

  • Tropical climate

  • English widely spoken

  • Excellent infrastructure, top internet speeds

  • Panama uses the U.S. dollar

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