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Shipping and Pet Relocation for Expats Moving to Portugal

Many expats moving to Portugal will want to bring furry friends and personal effects with them. There are ways to accomplish both.

The StartAbroad Portugal Guide

Shipping and Pet Relocation to Portugal


Shipping Possessions from the U.S. to Portugal

If you will be moving your household items using a moving company, be sure to get a Luggage Certificate (Certificado de Bagagem) by visiting your local Portuguese consulate or diplomatic mission. You'll need to provide a complete inventory of all possessions you'll be moving into the country, and it should only take a few days to receive your paperwork. Your items must arrive in Portugal within ninety days of your arrival there. For sea freight, expect to pay anywhere from $1,200 to $3,500 for a 20 foot container (depending on origin in the US). Air freight will be more expensive, but can save time - it takes 5-8 business days for standard shipping. You can ship a 250 kg container by air for approximating $2,800-3,500, depending on origin in the US.


Pet Relocation from the U.S. to Portugal

Relocating pets from the US to Portugal does not require any quarantine period, but you will need a microchip, proof of vaccinations, EU health certificate, USDA endorsement, and your pet must fly with you or within 5 days of you if you use a pet relocation service. Be sure to check with your vet for requirements not only to move your pet to Portugal, but also to move your pet back to the USA. The CDC has been changing guidelines significantly over the past two years, and has made it more difficult to bring pets back into the country.

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